FIN – 260

FIN – 260 1-2 Short Paper: Perils and Hazards. A hazard such as a severe solar storm can wreak havoc on the electric-power supply and trigger losses from business interruption and damaged physical assets.Pretend you are a risk manager. If this were to occur at in the next two months, would your company be prepared? … Continue reading "FIN – 260"

question and refrance

1. EAM TYPES DISCUSSIONDescribe the types of teams in organizations. Instructions There are many types of team, including Task Force Teams, Problem-Solving Teams, Committee Teams, and Work Teams. Each of these teams exists for specific purposes and functions. A task force team is a temporary team that investigates an issue or problem. Problem-solving teams are … Continue reading "question and refrance"

Stat 7

How would you explain the analysis of variance, assuming that your audience has not had a statistics class before?

Stats 8

What is an interaction? Describe an example and identify the variables within your population (work, social, academic, etc.) for which you might expect interactions?

Caring for the Community

Identify four organizations in your community that deliver primary health care. Based on the objective material that you can obtain, determine whom each organization serves; what services each provides; and where each organization gets its funding from. Also evaluate the relative value of each organization’s services to individuals and families in the community